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How To Prepare For A Major Horse Show

For many of us, the biggest horse show of the year is coming up. These major horse shows take a lot of preparation for the best outcome. Here are a few tips on making sure you’re ready for the show.

First, you need to make sure your teachers are ok with you taking the time off of school. You need to let them know ahead of time, how long you will be absent so they have time to prepare school work for you to complete while you’re gone. This way you’re all caught up on the work, when you come back and you know what the rest of your classmates have been doing.

Another great strategy for packing is to make a list. This list will help you stay organized while packing for the horse show. You could add things to the list as you remember things and you can scratch things off the list once they are packed. This makes packing easier and much less stressful when you know that you have everything you need.

You also need to keep in mind that our horses need us to care for them. They need us to feed them, water them, clean their stalls, exercise them, and of course love them! Checking up on them every so often to make sure they have all of these components will make them happy and result in making you happy. We all want to have food, water, and clean rooms!

Creating goals; writing them down on a piece of paper for you to take to the horse show is another good idea. Set a reasonable goal to achieve at the horse show, write it down so you can remember it. You could even set goals for each class. This helps you stay focused and makes you plus your horse better as a team.

We hope these tips help you on preparing for the major horse shows in the future. We wish you the best of luck at these shows and the rest of the show year!

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Taylor L. and Hannah B.

August 25th, 2015|News 2015, Youth|

OQHA 2015 Points

Current Points (as of August 21, 2015)

Now includes August Carp Summer Sizzler & August Ilderton Summer Celebration Circuit.


Click to save/open the XLS file on your local drive. Use the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet to change classes.

Points Questions?

If you have any questions or notice any typos, please email Sue Nye (or phone 519-758-0537) – our OQHA Points person for 2015.

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OQHA News – 2015 August Futurity Issue

2015-Futurity-IssueThank you to Editor Lynn Riley and all of the hard working contributors to our 2015 Futurity Issue of the OQHA News!

We have some great articles, advertisements and lots of valuable information for our membership and exhibitors.

2015 Futurity Issue – part 1

2015 Futurity Issue – part 2

August 11th, 2015|Association, News 2015|

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