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2016 Annual General Meeting and Awards Banquet

OQHA would like to thank everyone who came out to the 2016 OQHA AGM this past weekend at the Holiday Inn in Cambridge. Unfortunately, the attendance was very low at the AGM and it was difficult getting a quorum of 25 members. It is hard to pick a good time to suit all, but we must remind everyone that this is your association and an opportunity to hear the past years achievements, challenges and proposed rule changes for the upcoming year.

As expected, with the low attendance at the AGM, that also resulted in a very small 2016 OQHA Board of Directors. This is very concerning to me as a past president, as I know how much effort and how many people it takes to continue doing the things we need to do from an OQHA perspective in the year ahead. There simply aren’t enough individuals on the board to get everything done. Optimistically, we had a number of individuals put their names forward that are willing to help out but just can’t commit to the board, which is awesome. We really hope to hear from others too, so if you are interested, be sure to contact any of the board of directors to let your interests known. We all realize the time it takes to commit to a board such as this one, and we know that life is busy with jobs, children, horses and the day to day routines but if we can get more individuals helping out, it makes it less work for everyone. So please, if you would like to help out with anything, please let us know!

The AGM was adjourned shortly after 3pm, which left everyone time to relax a bit before the 2015 Awards Banquet which started at 5pm with a Happy Hour allowing everyone to mingle and catch up with folks we haven’t seen since the end of our show season. It was awesome to see over 160 folks at the banquet. Holiday Inn Cambridge provided us with a delicious buffet along with many tasty desserts. Dan Patterson said the Blessing and before everyone got to eat, they had to participate in a contest to see when they could head to the buffet table. A music artist would be announced and the first table to yell out a song they sang got to head up to eat.

When everyone was finished eating, the outgoing Amateur President Sheryl Chillson, and the outgoing Youth president, Jasmyn Rivait announced the year end award recipients. Awards chair Sharon Hammer offered a great selection of awards this year which ranged from trophies, hay bags, stall front bags, Buckle Photo frames, Trophy Saddle racks, Director Chairs, clippers, sheets, jackets and hat cans. The conclusion of the awards included presentations for the Trainers Challenge awards, OEF People Make a Difference award as well as the prestigious Hall of Fame award, which was presented to Barb and Jim Lockyer in honor of their great stallion – The Next Star.

The banquet committee thought they would try to change things up this year so brought in a great DJ along with a number of games and fun fundraising ideas. The ever popular silent auction was well supported again this year, along with a Poker Run that paid out $260 to the winner Greg Crispin. The “jail cell” was a new addition, which allowed folks to visit the Sherriff and pay $5 to put someone in jail. Anyone that was put in jail had to raise $10 in bail money to get out, or if they were lucky enough to have purchased a “get out of jail free card” they could avoid the slammer. We also offered a surprise giveaway, where folks could purchase key codes and at the end of the evening, people could enter their key code into a door and whomever had the proper code won $500 worth of prizes. The winner of the key code was Judi Woodley. JJ the DJ kept the music rocking and the dance floor was well used until things shut down close to 1am.

OQHA hoped everyone who attended had a great time. We thank everyone for their continued support of our association and hoped you enjoyed yourselves and had a safe trip back home!

Wishing everyone a safe and happy winter and the best of successes in 2016!

January 20th, 2016|News 2016|

OAQHA Board 2016

The Ontario Amateur Quarter Horse Association would like to congratulate it’s new Board of Directors for 2016:

President: Mallory McKewen

Vice President: Corey Taylor

Secretary: Shelley Thompson

Treasurer: Sheryl Chillson

Area 2 Director: Annika Rear

Area 4 Directors: Bethaney Taylor, Karen Cook

Area 5 Director: Jenna Misener

Directors at Large: Kristy Beck, Kerrie-Lynn Webb, and Yvonne Van Luttilchuizen

Watch for full contact info coming soon!

January 19th, 2016|Amateur, News 2016|

OQHA Board 2016

President – Pete Hammer
1st Vice President – Karen Cook
2nd vice president – Andrew Dewar

Area 1 Directors: Jim Thomson

Area 2 Directors: Pete Hammer | Jessica Lange | Marianne Ramey | Kathy Patterson | Joy Cressman

Area 3 Directors: Andrew Dewar | Janine Domingos

Area 4 Directors: Shari Irwin | Karen Cook | Bethany Taylor

Area 5 Directors: Shawna Crawford | Leanne Karoles

Directors at Large: TBA

Watch for complete contact info coming soon!

January 19th, 2016|Association, News 2016|

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