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Happy New Year to all our OQHA Members!

May 2015 bring you and your families all the joy and successes you wish for.

With the New Year behind us, that means the OQHA Annual General Meeting is just around the corner. The AGM will be held January 17, 2015 at the Holiday Inn, Cambridge.

The AGM is a chance for our members to review the past years business as well as discuss and bring up any concerns or questions they may have for our Board. This is also the time the new 2015 Board of Directors will be voted in. We really need your support, so please be sure to come out and have your voices heard and help shape the future of your association.

This year, we have a few key topics we would like to discuss with our membership, so please read on to find out more information and if you have thoughts on any of the below topics, be sure to come out to the AGM as we will be looking to change the by-laws and need to hear from our members.   These are issues that our members have brought to our attention or that has posed areas of concerns in 2014 and we would like to rectify these at the upcoming AGM. These impact our association and all members should have a say, so be sure to come out and take part in the discussions.

Promotional Club rules:  

The OQHA by-laws states promotional club rules that are guidelines for our promotional clubs to follow. Such things as

  • promotional club boundaries and memberships
  • area approved shows

The promotional club rules in our by-laws have posed confusion often over the past few years,  on what exactly OQHA has can impose on the promotional clubs and what we can’t.  There will be a discussion on this topic and we will be looking at reworking/revamping these rules based on our membership thoughts

Promotional Club OQHA Board of Director Positions: 

Currently there are a set number of Area Director positions listed in the OQHA By-laws which has been the same since the inception of the areas. (Area 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6)  We are looking to change these numbers so that the areas have a more realistic representation based on their OQHA membership numbers.

The thoughts discussed by our board would change the number of board of directors allowed on OQHA based on their OQHA membership.   An area that has a larger amount of OQHA members will have more director positions available on the OQHA Board.

OQHA Hall of Fame Award of Excellence 

The Hall of Fame committee is looking to create an Award of Excellence in addition to the current Hall of Fame awards we already offer.  Full details are HERE


January 2nd, 2015|Association, News 2014|

OQHA News – Holiday Issue 2014

2014-Holiday-IssueThank you to Editor Lynn Riley and all of the hard working contributors to our 2014 Holiday issue of the OQHA News!

We have some great articles, advertisements and lots of valuable information for our membership and exhibitors.

2014 Holiday Issue – part 1

2014 Holiday Issue – part 2

December 20th, 2014|Association, News 2014|

Don’t miss out…

In the busy holiday time of year we often miss out on deadlines for our horse events…but don’t delay and miss out on these!

OQHA Queen Contest – deadline is December 15th for entries

OQHA AGM & Banquet
Saturday, January 17th, 2015
*NEW* Holiday Inn Cambridge – Hespeler Galt
200 Holiday Inn Drive Cambridge
Phone (519-658-4601
Please call to book your rooms ASAP – Booking Code OQH

For Banquet tickets contact Val Love 

December 11th, 2014|News 2014|

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