***Blast from the Past***

OQHA Original Hall Of Fame History

Joe Carter, Noel Dockery, Mick Pettypiece, Ron McMann, Greg Rapson, Bill Hawkins, Bob Sisson ?, Joan MaMann, Jean Rapson, Evelyn Hawkins, Debbie Rapson (Coverdale), Linda Sisson

The Original OQHA Hall of Fame committee. Founder and Chairman was Jean Rapson. She worked directly with AQHA for one year designing and putting together a Hall Of Fame that would work for OQHA. She then invited 13 of the most respected OQHA members to form the Hall Of Fame for Ontario and they set to the task of orginizing and implementing a lasting place of reconition to our great horses and horseman in our province. The first meeting was held at Doug and Connie Rapsons home in Milton on Brittania Rd.

We designed the OQHA ring sitting at their table and took it to a jeweller; We contracted Cathy Carter to be the artist for the horses inducted into the Hall Of Fame.

The first Hall Of Fame presentations where held in conjunction with the Annual Year End Banquet held in Barrie Ontario 1997, and John Snoblen was our Master Of Ceremonies.

The first year we inducted 3 men and 2 horses.

This picture was taken at Quarterama.

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